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We’re open, no matter what anybody says, so come on by. Our live music show are on hiatus now while we retool a few things around the ranch. We’ll be back shortly and dare we say much better. There’s a great possibility our shows will even start on time and our website updated well into the future. Could happen. We’re dreamers here at Riverside and Main and we know we’re not the only ones. Check back every other day or so and we’ll keep you updated of when the live music is again turned loose here by the old Burbank horse trail.

Our musical sabbatical won’t last long so would like to remind you to make reservations soon for Lynn Keller’s Holiday Spectacular Show with the Randy Van Horn Singers. Lynn always maxes out our reservation list so the sooner you call us at 818-848-8810 the better. Though Cody doesn’t mention Lynn’s show by name in the outgoing message, rest assured if that’s even a possibility these days, that your reservation will be jotted down in our reservation book. Be sure to leave your phone number and that you’re calling for Lynn’s show…



Cody's VivaCantina - 900 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91506

Music 8 Days a Week on 2 Stages, Seldom a Cover Charge + All Ages, we serve food, but those under 21 need parent or guardian present after 10PM.

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